Recognizing Talent:

Executive Creative Director Chris Watson one of the ELITE 100

Our very own Chris Watson, EVP, Executive Creative Director, was included in the 2016 PM360 ELITE 100. The ELITE Awards honor individuals and marketing teams who have made a significant impact on the healthcare industry throughout their careers. More than 500 submissions were received and nominees were evaluated based on their accomplishments, testimonials, and supporting evidence of their impact.

Chris’s recognition as one of just six ELITE Creative Directors is due to his triumphant success at Sentrix as well as his history of lasting contributions to the pharmaceutical advertising industry. Chris started his career in consumer advertising before moving into healthcare. Although Chris has worked across a number of categories, his greatest contribution to the industry is in the world of oncology, where he paved the way for creativity in scientific mechanism of action (MOA) campaigns. But Chris knows way more than just oncology. He knows how to build and motivate award-winning creative teams. Chris crafts new approaches to leading his team, generating ideas, and helping individuals grow.

Congratulations Chris for this well-deserved recognition as ELITE Creative Director!