Brain Power:

Sentrix walks the walk in the fight against brain cancer

On June 25, members of the Sentrix team, along with their friends and families, participated in the NYC Brain Tumor Walk on Randall’s Island, raising more than $3300 for research efforts of the National Brain Tumor Society. To raise awareness of the walk, Sentrix created a campaign featuring artistic interpretations of the left and right side of the brain with the message “We're on the side of brain cancer research." The series of posters, each developed by a different member of the team, were hung around the agency and posted on social media to publicize the event. At the walk, each participant wore their own custom-designed t-shirt depicting their own left and right brain. 

With limited treatment options and incredibly poor outlooks, brain cancer represents a particularly devastating disease, making the need for research and clinical advancements more important than ever. The National Brain Tumor Society’s efforts have been instrumental in the development of new research and initiatives that are shaping the future of diagnosis and disease management.

Sentrix is proud to support this incredibly worthy cause and we hope that the efforts of the National Brain Tumor Society continue to offer hope for more patients who face the immeasurable consequences of brain cancer. Medical advancements are driven by a refusal to accept defeat – an unwavering belief in the possibility of change. And the first step in changing the grim prognosis of brain cancer is committing to help change it. National Brain Tumor Society will not rest until a cure exists… and neither should we!

It’s not too late to show your support! For more information on the walk and/or to make a donation, visit