Sentrix is a creatively driven, full-service healthcare advertising agency. But that's where typical ends.

We build and revitalize healthcare brands by taking a decidedly different approach. Sentrix specializes in both professional healthcare promotion and medical education, therefore creating stronger, more compelling stories that drive deeper engagement with customers at every stage of their relationship with a brand. Our unconventional approach is not just more holistic, it delivers the integration and efficiency needed to succeed in today's healthcare landscape.

Anything but typical isn't just something we say, it's the principle we live by.

Our capabilities

Whatever your healthcare communication needs may be, we're here to meet them. As a fully integrated agency supported by the WPP Global Network, we provide resources that are multichannel, multidiscipline, and multiaudience. The result? Powerful marketing campaigns that are both focused and cohesive.

What our clients say

  • The commitment to the brand from the Sentrix team is extraordinary. We share the same vision and values for the brand, and they would never compromise on the brand's integrity. If Sentrix has a recommendation, the brand team listens. I couldn't ask for a better agency partner.
  • The Sentrix team has been a pleasure to work with. They consistently impress with their creative approaches to our marketing initiatives and challenges, and they maintain a strong collaborative approach throughout the development process. Perhaps most importantly, Sentrix has proven to be extremely adaptable to our team needs. They react immediately to feedback from the team and realign their resources as appropriate to ensure optimal support of our team. They are a great partner and we look forward to continued success with them in the future.
  • Working with Sentrix embodies a client-centered approach. Our agency team provides personal attention to detail and drives projects through a partnership that enables quick decision-making and flexibility to deliver high-quality results. The Sentrix team has built the right recipe for success through their ability to listen to our needs, adjust on the fly, and develop deliverables that are universally well-received internally.

Awards we've won

  • PM360 Pharma Choice Award
  • Medical Marketing & Media Awards
  • Pm 360 Trailblazer Awards
  • RX Club Awards
  • ICRF Corporate Philanthropy Award
  • Manny Awards
  • The Global Awards
  • more to come...

We believe creative should surprise and intrigue.

Elicit an emotional reaction.

And make a lasting impression.

Above all, we believe it should change the way people think.

DYRENIUM® (triamterene)

Success revitalizing an established brand

With DYRENIUM, an established diuresis treatment, we proved no matter the age of the brand or the size of the budget, smart and creative solutions can always grow business and win awards. First, we developed a strategic campaign with visual stopping power and targeted messaging. Then, demonstrating what's old can be new again, we chose direct mail as the channel to maximize the campaign's effectiveness. In the end, this award-winning campaign increased prescriptions and led to expanded promotion. Our work drove an increase in market share by 17% in 6 months with a limited promotional budget.

Aid for AIDS

Generating awareness of a life-saving program

Our pro bono efforts helped increase awareness of the AID FOR AIDS recycling program, which collects unused HIV and AIDS medications and redistributes them to people in developing countries who don't have access to or can't afford these life-saving therapies. Our multimedia campaign using real patients illuminates the benefit of this program. Strong positive response to the campaign generated a substantial increase in donations of unused medications and an expansion of their distribution program.


Leading a multiagency team to drive corporate awareness

We seamlessly led an integrated team of agencies across various disciplines for our client. Together, we helped POZEN, a new small pharmaceutical company, develop and brand its corporate identity as a lean model for marketing that would be attractive to investors, partners, and potential employees. The success of our cooperative multiagency approach garnered praise:

  • The seamless interagency cooperation and collaboration, like-minded strategic thinking, and chemistry among the team 'experts' was apparent from the start, and a winning combination.

The power of our agency comes from our people.

We're dedicated, passionate, and curious.

The magic that results from combining the talents of eclectic individuals with a dynamic, inclusive culture means each of us has a voice in determining the direction of our agency. And though we're all unique, we share a common goal: elevating the caliber of work in the healthcare space.

The agency

We're a group of driven individuals with the perfect combination of creativity and talent.

  • Ariella Stok Copy
  • David Traini Copy
  • Dayna McCormick Account
  • Filippo Cavalieri Medical
  • Katie Hew Strategy
  • Khushboo Surana Art
  • Marie Antoinette Rodriguez Art
  • Sindhu Jumani Art
  • Jamie Hanson Project Management
  • Sarah Hill Account
  • Stephen McAndrews Art
  • Tolga Bilgen Copy
  • Caleb Nelson Art
  • Melissa Gordon Account
  • Ashby Steed Account
  • Sneha Ramachander Account
  • Greg Olsen Copy
  • Alyssa Marone Account
  • Michael Wamp Account

Whether you're building a brand or a career, this is the place to grow.

Sentrix Health Communications
230 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10003

Business opportunities

Launching a new brand? Reinvigorating an existing one? We can build a team to meet your needs.

Career opportunities

We're growing and always looking for talented individuals who share our passion.

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